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Smeet is your free 3D social game. Discover the virtual world of Smeet and let your imagination. Meet new friends and live exciting adventures with them. Earn Fame Points, reaches new levels and create your own 3D space. Invites you to play to your friends and challenge them to exceed your highest score.

Play the classic game of cards one for 4 players and tries to spend all your cards before your opponent. You must place a card of the same color value at the center of the table. Use wildcards and draw cards. Play with the mouse. To restart the game, it reloads the page.

Second art of this fabulous game management of the fish market. Learn how to fish, to manage the buying and selling of seafood and earn money to invest in your business. Your main objective will be to become a great Empire to become rich.

Use all your skill to help the protagonist of this world to dig in the right direction and find the coins under the Earth. Avoid obstacles of orange color, they are deadly.

Help the sad monkey in the new edition of Monkey Go Happy and looking for the small hidden ninjas. Collect the ninja stars, sables and other elements that you will indicate the characters that you find to pass all the levels.

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