Telmex ‘Infinitum Games’, presents his platform online games

Telmex, the largest provider of broadband internet in Mexico with almost eight million subscribers at the end of 2011, said in a statement that it will offer more than 600 games to its users at a cost of up to 99 pesos a month (slightly less than eight dollars).

Prevents drive you crazy in this rotating world similar to Minecraft and helps blocks to find the exit as soon as possible. Rotate the screen to make that all go to the same place and look at the experience bar. Press space key to pass the level when directed by the game. keys and key space.

Today Elsa has to clean the bathroom thoroughly and you will have to help you in this difficult task. First place the waste in the landfill, ordered the furniture and decorations, and trafficking in that everything is perfectly clean.

Fight for one two game players, which, although it is in Chinese is very intuitive and easy. You will have to choose character and participate in a bout of fighting in the style of street fighters.

Third installment of this fun game of fire trucks in which you will have to drive in the direction of the accident. Avoid hitting pedestrians hit and respecting traffic signals. When necessary, you will have to go for more reinforcement to extinguish the fire.…